Moltmann – The Crucified God – Book Review

This is a book review of Moltmann’s book, The Crucified God. Unlike an essay, the Book Review requires the writer to read the book and understand Moltmann’s theology by contrasting the book to his earlier writings ESPECIALLY The theology of Hope and likewise other books. It is therefore essential that it is written by a writer who is well knowledged in contemporary Christian theologies, otherwise it is difficult to grasp the technicalities of the book. You may look at book reviews on The Crucified God, but it is essential that the work is not plagiarised as the work will be submitted online, therefore plagiarism shall be detected. Rather than an essay, it is a critical evaluation of his book and therefore requires going deep into his work. The book review must contain references to his book/s and also contain references to works of similar authors such as Karl Barth and Paul Fiddes. Understand the context in which the book was written and why do you think Moltmann bases his theology on the cross? Read the introduction of his book to gain a rough understanding of what he is talking about. But again, this work has to be written by a writer who has knowledge of Motlmann’s work otherwise it will be extremely difficult to write the book review.

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