Modelling the Behaviour of shallow foundations on Multilayered soil


the important of Foundations, different categories of foundations, how will the soil beneath the foundation react and affect the foundation, how does shallow foundation react in different layered soil such as puddle clay, dense sand, and loosen sand.

(Literary review)

1) advantages and disadvantages of the use of each type of the following foundations and where they are usually used and on what conditions.

(a) Pad foundation (b) strip foundation (c) wide strip foundation (d) raft foundation (e) shallow foundation.

2) Information about the following theories

(a) ultimating bearing capacity on (terzaghi theory)

(b) General bearing capacity (Mayerhof and terzaghi theory)

(c) Skemotons method for saturated clay on undrained conditions

(d) Method of failure on (1) general shear failure (2) Local shear failure (3) punching failure

(e) method of failure in layered soil (mayerhof theory)

Note:- the introduction and literary review will be placed in my dissertation. please present the research in the above format. The format is really important in case you need extra information don t hesitate to contact me

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