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Individual coursework (50%)

This will comprise 50% of the marks you will receive in relation to this module. The other 50% will be a group mark for the presentation.

Please note that this should be in the form of a report and not an essay and the word count should NOT exceed 2000 words including references.

Provide an executive summary of the individual research and work that you undertook for the group presentation. 10 marks

What sources of information did you identify, and what key areas of research did you personally undertake to contribute towards the group presentation? Please put your key sources of research/references/literature search sources, correctly referenced, as an appendix to this report. 20 marks

In your report please summarise what you feel are the key theoretical issues that were covered in your group presentation and provide references for this material. 20 marks

What were the key conclusions of the research that was undertaken in relation to the group assignment? In this section please report any practical issues that arose prior to the presentation. 15 marks

From an individual point of view, what personal observations do you have in relation to this piece of work? These observations can be positive and/or negative. 15 marks

Identify what you have personally learned as a result of undertaking this group assignment. 10 marks

Was the exercise a success or a failure? What do you feel the group has learned? What have you, as an individual, learned? 5 marks

How did your individual contribution impact on the group presentation? List the action points that were included in the presentation that related to your individual work. 5 marks

You will receive an individual mark for this work. It is emphasised that this aspect of the coursework should be your own work and not group work, so it is in your personal interest to ensure that you do not share it with other group members. The examiner is looking for evidence of comprehension of the tasks involved; your views; critical awareness; use of theory; interpretation and judgement; use of evidence; evaluation and a systematic approach to the use of research.

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