Microsoft project

The objective of the coursework is to provide an opportunity for the student to demonstrate insight into the concepts
of project management and how to use Microsoft Project (standard industry project planning software) to its full
In the context of project documentation provided, prepare a portfolio, of approximately 3000 words, that covers the
following assessed areas:
1. Terminology of Microsoft Project
2. Creating a timeline project plan
3. Managing resources using Microsoft Project
4. Creating a resource driven project plan
5. Using calendars to maximise resource availability
6. Programme management using Microsoft Project
7. Base planning and tracking using Microsoft Project
8. Reporting using Microsoft Project
9. Other features of Microsoft Project
An appendix that details the student s model of the project in the given documentation should support each of the
nine assessed areas.
The portfolio should be submitted in both a hard copy format and in an electronic format on CD. The electronic copy
should include the student s model of the project.
Learning outcomes:
On successful completion of this assignment, students will be expected, at threshold level, to be
able to:
Identify competences of a Microsoft Project practitioner
Develop high quality resource driven project plans
Critique Microsoft Project and comment on its suitability in modern project management
Reading / References:
Microsoft Project Professional 2003 [electronic resource]
Pyron, T. (1993). Using Microsoft project for Windows. Carmel.

Notice: i have 2 example for this coursework i will uploaded

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