Media Management

Achievement of Assessment Criteria
This is a rather poor Production Plan that does not fulfil the required assessment criteria. You have produced a very vague outlines of some of your management strategies but several section need substantial further development. Some statements are very vague and do not provide any real details about your chosen methods for the planning and management of this production. There is no documentation included as Appendix as required. Your bibliography only contains 1 item of reading.

Areas for Improvement
You have not followed the Production Plan template as it was required. You have included an Executive Summary that was not required. You have presented arguments in a rather confusing way. The Introduction focuses on the security issues concerning the eCommerce aspects of the project. You indicated some external company that might collaborate with you on this issue but their role is not very clear as this is a rather confusing paragraph. All the following sections are very generic and need substantial further development. There is a rather crude table with a timeframe. This should be further developed into a proper Gantt chart with a more accurate break-down of the tasks required for this production. Such tasks should be organised by: Pre-production, production and Post-Production (please see related WebLearn notes). You briefly discuss some media and IT equipment that might be required but what you should have done is to include a table in the Appendix allocating to each team members specific hardware and software and include the IT specs. You should not be concerned with the hosting of the website. There is no chart with the profile of team members and no discussion on recruitment or outsourcing. You arguments about management styles and how to manage your team are very confusing; this also applies to the section on Client Management. You only seem to be concerned about who is going to communicate with the client, however you should have discussed the full client management cycle. The section on copyright and asset management should provide more details on how to source and manage the assets required for this project. You seem to delegate to some project consultant but you should specify better what you mean by this. The section on Risk Management is very vague. You should have provided a chart outlining specific risks associated with this project and related mitigating strategies. The Quality Procedure section should better define the testing procedure and the strategies for project de-briefing. There is no need for a Conclusion. Overall you should read carefully the Production Plan template and familiarise yourself with the requirements associated with this assignment as well as revising the lecture and seminar notes published on WebLearn. It is also essential that you support your arguments with some evidence of reading on the topic.

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