Media and society

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Word length: 2500 words (±10%)
Answer one of the following questions. Avoid repeating material from your first essay. Each question requires you to combine conceptual material from the module with a media case study.

1. Does Coleman et al’s Leaders in the Living Room report suffer from the limitations of ‘mass communications research’ identified by Todd Gitlin and others?

2. Select ONE of the following case studies and assess how useful Horkheimer and Adorno’s concept of ‘the culture industry’ is in helping us to understand it: i) Hollywood romantic comedy of the past twenty years; ii) Contemporary popular music; iii) Soap opera.

3. Select ONE of the following media and assess the advantages and disadvantages of writing its history through an emphasis on its technological development: i) Film; ii) Television; iii) Radio; iv) the internet.

4. How important is knowledge of the ownership and governance of a media outlet to an evaluation of its output? Pick ONE newspaper, television channel, production company or ‘media empire’ as your case study. (Although it does not quite fit any of these categories, you may choose the BBC.)

5. In Understanding Celebrity, Graeme Turner refers to ‘celebrity’s role as a location for the interrogation and elaboration of cultural identity.’ Using ONE celebrity of your choice as a case study, offer a critical account of the aspirations and ideals that this celebrity embodies. Pay attention to how these aspirations and ideals are communicated.

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