Measurement Approach to decision Usefulness Report & Presentation (PowerPoint custom essay

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Measurement Approach to decision Usefulness Report & Presentation (PowerPoint)

The report will be no more than 2,000 words and will be assessed on the following:
• The extent to which it adequately summarizes the topic area.
• The extent to which it demonstrates knowledge of the relevant literature on the topic area
• The quality of the written expression and overall structure of the report
• The level of research undertaken to support the report.
All team members are fully responsible for the depth of research and collation of the presentation and report material and hence all team members must actively participate in their group’s assessment task. Failure by a student to attend, make, or contribute to, the group presentation or report will result in the said student receiving a zero (0) weighting for this assessment area. Students are encouraged to refer to, but NOT restrict themselves to, the text to prepare for their presentation and report. It is expected that a number of resources and examples would be used in both the presentation and the report. Note all sources must be acknowledged.

Marking criteria for Group Presentations (PowerPoint)

The introduction acknowledged the team and the approach taken for the presentation. The topic, key concepts and terms are clearly explained

The points/steps in the presentation are ordered appropriately and always relate to the topic and are appropriately cited in the presentation
Examples and anecdotal material used to demonstrate meaning of points raised

Presentation is accurately summarized and Conclusions follow logically from the presented material
Discrimination between different approaches to the topic are discussed and evaluated

Marking Criteria for Group Report

Introduction: (3 marks)
– The topic issues are clearly defined
– The group viewpoint is clearly stated at the beginning and all assumptions are clearly acknowledged
– The key concepts and terms are clearly explained in the writers’ own words

The Body of the report: (6 marks)
– The points/steps in the discussion are ordered appropriately and always relate to the topic
– References are authoritative and substantially support the discussion

Conclusion (3 Marks)
– The report is accurately summarized
– Conclusion follows logically from all discussions
– Discrimination between the different approaches are discussed and evaluated

Impact (1 Mark)
– The report justifies the relationship between theory and practice

Structure (2 marks)
– Spelling, Punctuation , sentence structure and paragraphing are appropriate
– References and the reference list are appropriately structured and cited

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