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This term please develop a research paper on a leader of your choosing, in the format of your choosing of 8-10 pages, appropriately footnoted (APA) and with a correctly referenced bibliography that examines the leadership skills, style, traits and behavior of the leader chosen. This leader can be historical or present day, in any walk of life and need not be famous or infamous. It may be from Hannibal to Hitler to Hillaryyour choice. APA style please.
No late papers please.
1. Term Research Paper: Purposes and Description:A. PURPOSES
1) Broaden your understanding by applying concepts to a specific leader.
Use concepts from the course to show you understand and can apply them.
2) Develop and improve your research, analysis and project orientation skills.
3) Offer specific experience with expressing yourself clearly and effectively in writing. This is a skill everyone should expect to encounter in a managerial position.
Form: Double spaced, 12 Times New Roman font. A bibliography of at least five sources must be provided. At least two of those five sources should be quality sources from the Internet and correctly referenced. At least one should be an academic journal (Journal of Administration; Journal of Management, Journal of Marketing, etc). The Journal article will probably not cover your specific leader and will show you current research on a leadership topic which you will relate to your leader. For example if there is a research study on leadership behaviors during financial crises, relate that to your leader. Our excellent Research Librarians will help you if needed. Footnotes should appear wherever appropriate in the body of the paper or as end notes : APA format please.
Subject: The subject should be bounded and defined in such a manner that permits adequate coverage in 8 – 10 pages. For example, if you picked Franklin Roosevelt, you would probably need to narrow the study to the first term of his Presidency to cover it in that few pages.
C. Your research will outline what leadership style best describes this person and what evidence you point to that leads you to that conclusion.

D. You will want to show the organization s financial and/or operating position in a summarized way, pointing out the trend of revenue and earnings, stock price and management changes that are significant. For the leader of a non-profit you would center on how established, large and well funded they were (or not) and how mature the service offering was during the leader s tenure. Leadership and management style needs to match with the organizational need of a company to be most effective.
E. For example, if you were choosing to research Anne Mulcahy, former Xerox Chief Executive Officer (CEO), you would want to talk about the results of the company a few years before she took over, the results now, the differences, her main changes and improvements, some continuing problem areas and the outlook from the point of view of the stakeholder groups (investors, employees, customers, suppliers, and any significant outside stakeholder, like legal and regulatory). Next you would identify her main management philosophies, principles and/or values as portrayed in annual reports, published interviews, biographical books and articles. You would also guess at her normal style of leadership, and support that by picking one of the theories of leadership from the course into which she most fits. If you conclude she is a transformational leader which implies she is also an outstanding transactional leader, explain what makes you think that and point clearly to the evidence. If you think that the trait theory of leadership explains why she seems to have great success, what traits do you point to and explain how these traits converge

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