Develop a concise Strategic Marketing Plan for a new product or service your organisation might
launch (Must be a large company with a large base in Australia) ** your choice could be Dell or HP with a new device, or Coca Cola with a new drink product. Doesn t matter what you choose you just need sufficient information to write on it.**

Using the template or a variation of that, choose a specific and well identified target market from your situational analysis (be extremely focused in this) and develop a comprehensive marketing mix utilising the 7 p’s (Product/Service,Price/Value,Place/Distribution, People, Process and Physical Evidence and then a Promotion or communication plan) to communicate to ONLY the identified target market.

For the purposes of this report please feel free to make whatever assumptions you need under
the financials/budget heading to make the report complete.

NB – In those cases where you are unable to obtain data, you may employ an appropriate ‘estimate’.
However, you need to detail in the plan what assumptions you are making.
In terms of referencing, you need to acknowledge only industry reports, any company documents cited and other sources such information obtained from Australian Bureau of Statistics or other similar statistical collection agency.

The marketing plan is one of the most important outputs of the marketing process. This assignment is designed to develop your skills in analysing market situations, developing marketing objectives, and creating viable marketing strategies that are consistent with your objectives, resource capabilities and
market opportunities.

Marking criteria

In this assignment, the marketing plan should cover the following:

An executive summary which details the keys aspects from your analysis and your strategy.

Clear explanation of the reason for the marketing plan. ie what is the marketing plan designed to achieve.

Concise description of the organisation and the industry that could be understood by someone not familiar with the industry.

Comprehensive analysis of consumers, competition and the market for the product or service.

Comprehensive analysis of the strengths & weaknesses within the organisation as well as the
opportunities and threats facing the organisation.

Clear linkage of the marketing strategy and tactics to the objectives.

Evidence of consideration of control and implementation issues.

Logical flow to the plan.

NB Financial data needs to include only a one or three year income and expense statement.

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