Marketing Report

A completed written report demonstrating satisfactory
responses to the questions below.
Students can choose (ii) McDonald s.
1) Undertake a brief strategic analysis reviewing their current marketing
performance. To do this, you will:
a) Review and analyse strategic organisational documents
including the annual report, customer service charters, codes of
practice and social commitment documents. Also search their
website and the internet for comments from management.
b) List the organisation s mission or vision or both if applicable.
c) Do comments from management in any documents or media
support the mission or vision? List an example of one such
d) The organisation s current positioning strategy (i.e. where it is
positioned in the market)
e) Undertake a SWOT analysis on the company.
f) List how the company spend its time and money?
g) Have the activities of the past year aligned with the company s
vision or mission?
2) Knowing that the fast food environment has changed (mounting
criticism of an obesity epidemic and challenged by a health conscious
community), formulate two (2) x short and two (2) x long term
objectives for McDonalds, to
assist them to continue to do business in this �€�new environment .
a) Are your new objectives consistent with the forecasted needs of
the business? How?
b) Write one long-term Key Performance Indicator and one shortterm
Key Performance Indicator (KPI) to measure if these
objectives are succeeding?
c) Discuss why you believe these objectives are ethical and legal?
d) Discuss why you think the company has the resources and
financial capability to deliver these objectives? What evidence of
this can you find in how they might have managed past
3) undertake a risk
management strategy for operating in this new environment
described above (obesity/health conscious):
Consider while undertaking your risk assessment the following:
b. McDonald s have introduced a healthy range of menu items.
Include in your risk management strategy:
· Nominate a product that will be affected OR will respond to the
health-conscious challenge?
· What are the strengths of this product?
· How could you capitalise on this strength to market this product
(using marketing strategies such as advertising, promotion,
events, sponsorship, publicity, sampling, etc.)?
· What promotions are they undertaking with this product to
deliver their marketing objectives (that you wrote earlier)?
· Are these promotions legal and ethical? Why? Why not?
· What are the foreseen weaknesses of the product and the
market this product operates in?
· What contingencies could you put in place to safeguard the
product against the weaknesses you have described?
· What threats might it encounter in the marketplace?
· What contingencies could you put in place to safeguard the
product against these threats?

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