marketing plan

Dear witer,
Plz use business communication style please do not use essay style, avoid paragrpahs of text, use lists, notes, charts, bullet points and diagrams as you see fit. please make any diagrams and charts very very simple, so they can be drawn easily and quickly. this is very important

i have got last year exam paper as i have to write my own marketing plan in the exam and in the exam I have to present the following;
1) your proposed maketing objectives for D J Miles & Co Ltd
2) Two target market segment clearly the characteristics of the segment members in term of standard segmentation variable and particular needs/ wants of the segment members in relation to the priduct category
Then for these 2 target segments present your;
1)IMC mix plan – integrated marketing communications
2) Channael design
3)Promotion mix plan,branding decision and distribution / delivery plan suggesting key Control Elements as you go along
4) Swot analysis
5)Marketing Mix plan(place,price,product,promotion,people,process,physical evidence)
and the rest of the marketing elements
Business mission
External marketing audit
Internal marketing audit
Core strategy
Organization and implementation

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