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Intro: Just in ONE paragraph, write the introduction. In this section, your purpose is to arouse the curiosity of the reader. You are also trying to make a case for the broader significance, usefulness, and relevance of your research outside your specific findings. Begin with your research question- the research question is why people love Starbucks. state in a question form what you set out to investigate in this project. Incorporate relevant secondary research you identify using library databases or Google Scholar. Use appropriate citation format for secondary sources and include just 1 secondary research sources to support the argument. Copying and pasting from websites WILL NOT count as the use of academic sources. When quoting verbatim from sources, use appropriate citation format! Build an argument of why this question is important to be researched.

Findings: Look for the findings from below. I have gathered quotes below and you should find the metaphor and the thematic and deep metaphor and connect them with the quotes. I also have attached the article Coulter et al, look at that to write this. In this section, you will report your findings, organized per Coulter et al article, deep metaphor by deep metaphor. Each section based on a deep metaphor should be further subdivided by thematic categories. Under each thematic category, you should present the more nuanced, subdivided conceptual-metaphor-by-conceptual-metaphor analysis complemented by interview excerpts (verbatim quotes from informants). Like other sections of the report, the findings should have a flow to them. Make sure to write connecting sentences between major sections of the findings. It should make sense and convey a deep understanding of the informants’ experiences and their broader, symbolic and relational significance. How do you arrive to the deep metaphor and thematic metaphor. How could you make that conclusion and why. Imagine you are telling a story about the informants and brand. From this then make a conclusion with what the Starbucks can do to be more sophisticated, make up some suggestion that is actionable and new and unique. Not about price! No discounts and freebies! Must be in marketing format and unique. Just one or two.

Quotes! (I was thinking of the deep metaphor to be resource, journey, connection?)
(stress at studying) writer blocked
“…Chocolate makes my brain works, when my brain is kind of blocked, so after I go to Starbucks and buy drink, I feel like it helps me write again I need some refreshment to get more ideas in doing my work.”

Part time job
“…I have a lot of free time as an international student, because most of my friends worked, so I think it will be a good experience to get a part time job in Starbucks.”

Friends hanging out
“Me and my friends like to hang around and talked about personal life, major, and stuff like that because Starbucks provide relaxing atmosphere…”

Shopping Mall
“I think every mall have Starbucks. I didn’t like shopping, so I usually go to Starbucks in every shopping mall, to gain my mood and let my mom do her shopping.”

Gratitude (gift card)
“I find that Starbucks gif cards are the easiest gifts to the people that help me…. I cannot find people who did not like Starbucks so I feel that it will be the easiest”
“I think Starbucks gift card is practical, I think that the other person will use it no matter what. People actually like coffee and they will definitely use the gift card.”

Road Trip
“Every time I went to Vegas, me, the driver, and everyone in the car always buy Starbucks. It can be a source to talk with friends while we are in the road. The purpose of buying Starbucks is to keep the driver awake.”

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