Many of the problems encountered by governments and firms alike in international tax is that the tax unit is considered to be the individual company.

Thus, a multinational group consisting of 200 separate companies around the world which, in reality, is a single economic entity, is regarded for tax purposes as 200 separate taxpayers.

Should the international tax system be changed so that the ultimate holding company pays all the group’s tax, computed on the basis of the consolidated accounts? Thus, in the example above, there would only be one tax return instead of 200.”

Please write as I’m not a native speaker.

and use journal or references from IBFD and OECD.

“Brief quotes – about 5 lines is the maximum acceptable for each quote, and you should not have more than 6 quotes in your essay. You don’t need to include any at all if you don’t want to. If you do use quotes, it is important that you have a good reason for including it – the quote must be properly introduced and you must make some comments on each one. ”

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