Managing People in Multinational Companies in the UAE

It is obvious that the topic is quite general but the writer can narrow it down if he wants, one way to do this is to focus more on section 2.4 in the literature review (see suggested outline). Please note that those mentioned in this section is not an exclusive list, but was given as an example. The writer might want to change some of them. The main point is that once he finished the literature, it is important to stress some of themes by which the researcher then can collect data based on those themes, which could be more easier to discuss them separately.

the submission will be chapter by chapter, the student will submit each one, at this stage, the supervisor may like to add some commits, then, we will pass them to the writer for further refinement (there is nothing to worry about as supervisors normally accept.

the student does not aim for distinction, but he wants to achieve the middle standard of merit (perhaps up 60 is fair enough).

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