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me and my friend have final take home exam. it is 10 questions take home exam. I need you to solve the exam for both of us. each one in two pages only so the total is four. it will be easier for you because you are doing the exam again but in different words. so you will figure out the answers for the questions only once from the book.

– we will provide the access for the book after you are assigned for the paper.

– questions to be solved:
1- Describe the compensatory model of selection, and describe one DISADVANTAGE to using this model. (No more than 80 words)

Make sure you answer the question completely and demonstrate a full understanding of the topic.

2- Based on the lecture information presented in class (not on your personal opinion) identify and describe the type of selection interview that demonstrates the highest level of predictive validity for job performance.

Make sure you answer the question completely and demonstrate your full understanding of the topic.

3- Describe what KSAOs are and give an example of each.

4- Lisa gets paid $17.50 per hour at her job as a retail lead clerk. She is responsible for checking the validity of returns, helping regular clerks when they are unfamiliar with a task, and training new employees in the policies and procedures at the store as well as ensuring that the store remains clean, clutter free, and dusted. On top of these responsibilities, she is also responsible for selling at least 110% of the average sales of regular clerks during the day. The regular clerks get paid $17.25 per hour and are only responsible for sales. They have to sell at least 90% of the average for regular clerks in one day. Considering ONLY THE COMPENSATION return that Lisa receives, what would equity theory predict about Lisa’s perceptions of the fairness of her job situation? What would be the expected outcome? (No more than 80 words)

Make sure you answer the question based only on the information that is presented there. Do not make assumptions or read anything into the question that is not there. The lecture information for this question can be found in the “pay” lecture.

5- Larry is an expert machinist reviewing the performance appraisal measure for machinists at his work. In his report to supervisors he has made the following comments:
“Overall, the measure appears to be valid, however there are four questions that would fall under contamination. There are also three aspects of the job that would fall under deficiency. I recommend a review of the measure by a team of experts so that we can make sure the whole measure is completely valid.”

Put what Larry said into your own words, specifically describing the terms that are in bold print.

List and describe the three types of justice (principles of justice) that were discussed during the separation lecture. (No more than 50 words)

Make sure that you focus on the important details because you have very little space to answer this question. You have to demonstrate a full understanding of the topic in the few words you have available to you.

7- Andrea just started a new job at Filibuster Franchises. Today is orientation and the HR manager is walking her through the process of selecting benefits. In essence, Andrea has about $2,500 to spend on any benefits she wants and she gets to look at a menu that includes medical care, dental care, dependent medical care, child care, dry cleaning allowances, retirement accounts, etc. She can select any combination of benefits that she wants as long as she doesn’t exceed $2,500. What is the name for this type of benefits plan? Describe, in detail, one advantage and one disadvantage to this type of plan.

8-Select one factor that is posited as an explanation for the decline in union membership over the last 20 years or so, and describe that factor in detail

9-Compare and contrast multinational organizations and global organizations. Don’t forget to discuss similarities as well as differences

10- Select two of the elements of High performance Work Systems and describe, in detail, what they are and how they should be structured to engender a High Performance Work System.

end of questions

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