Managerial Style Analysis

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Please include Introduction, contents and conclusion. 10 Harvard references.

This task asks you to reflect on and analyse your management/leadership style in a specific situation.
Please use the following framework as a guide to reflecting on your performance/practice.
1. From your perspective, briefly describe a situation, initiative, problem, issue, incident in which you needed to assume a leadership role. Indicate why this situation was important to you and provide pertinent details of the context, what you planned to do and why (i.e. your expectations), who was involved, where, how you went about it, what actually occurred (the outcomes), whether it was what you had anticipated or believed would occur, what went well, what did not go well.

Try not to theorise about, or to analyse, the situation at this point.

2. Now think about the following in relation to your Managerial Style in the situation:
How did I behave? Why/ did I behave the same or differently than I would normally/previously?
What was I thinking? Why? Include assumptions which you made.
What was I feeling/Why? Did the experience influence your feelings about yourself, others, the organisation?
How did others respond? Why? You can address possible alternative perceptions to your own here i.e. put yourself in the shoes of others
Was this experience the same or different from previous experiences/ Are any patterns emerging?
What could I have said or done differently? Why? What was stopping me?
What have I learnt? Would a different Managerial Style have been more effective and why?
What do I want to focus on next time or in the future?
Is there anything I need to do to develop my style further?

3. Summarise your description, reflection, analysis and any plans for further development. Give specific reasons and/or examples for each part of your answer.

4. Although you should be open about your experiences and insights, please include only those aspects which you feel comfortable discussing.

Assessment criteria for this job “ Managerial Style Analysis:

1. The paper starts with a clear and balanced (as objective as possible) description of a situation, initiative, problem, issue, incident in which a leadership role was assumed, the context, participants, behaviours, relationships and the outcomes

2. The reflection on the experience is insightful and multi-faceted

3. There is evidence of critical and logical analysis of the situation, processes and outcomes with respect to managerial styles. Examples/illustrations are included as appropriate.

4. The plan for further personal development is well-considered, clear and realistic

5. The paper is well-structured, uses inclusive and accurate language (including spelling, grammar, punctuation).

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