management skills

Preferred language style: English (U.K.)

ASSESSMENT 1: INDIVIDUAL REPORT Length:2,000 words subject : Management Skills Outline: The aim of this assessment is to enable students to draw on collective learning to investigate connections between management and leadership; to explore the personal and interpersonal skills of managers; and to exercise critical thinking and analysis to review and appreciate the impact of self awareness on management and on leadership. Details: 1. you should to discuss this topic: According to Carlopio and Andrewartha (2008), Leaders have been said to focus on direction setting, articulating a vision and creating something new. Managers have been said to focus on monitoring, directing and refining current performance. Leadership has been equated with dynamism, vibrancy and charisma; management with hierarchy, equilibrium and control (2008, p. 15). How can self-awareness support the work of managers and of leaders in organizations? The Assignment should include two Parts: A. In Part A, 2000 words to show how can self awareness support of managers and of leaders on organization . B. Part B, 800 words should consist of four (4) of the writer’s substantial opinion that he believe in this topic related to the references that he read it ( also here you have to show the reference ) References : 15 references . ( it has to be new references from 2008 -) Harvard Style. please read the marking guide for this report ( very important)

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