management assignment 1

Despite many criticisms, and a wealth of newer theories on the topic of managing people, Taylorism (i.e. Scientific Management) is alive and well in 21st century management practice.
Write an essay discussing this statement, by conducting a review of the literature and drawing on selected real world examples of management practice.
Compulsory assessment task: Students must complete all assessment tasks for this unit in order to be considered for a pass grade or better. It is therefore compulsory to submit Assignment 1.
Due date: DSO Submission recorded before 12.00 noon on Monday 9 April (AEST).
Assessment marks: This assignment is worth 20 marks, which is 20% of your final grade.
Word limit: 2,000 words (+ or “ 10%; excluding References).
Sources: You are expected to utilize at least eight academic references for this assignment. At least four of these should be articles from academic journals. Other academic references may include university textbooks but NOT Wikipedia or other nonacademic internet websites. In addition to your academic references you may include news reports in referencing examples of management practice.
Suggested sources (in addition to your textbook) to help you to start the assignment:
· Ritzer, G. (2010) The McDonaldisation of Society, 6th Edition. Sage: London: Chapters 1, 2 and 6.
· Taylor, F. W. (1911) Scientific Management New York, Harper and Row, Chapter 1 and 2.
· Parker, M. (2002) Against Management Polity, Cambridge. Chapter 1.
Citations and references: all ideas from reading sources must be correctly cited and referenced using the Deakin authordate (Harvard) system.

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