manage informatio system

Task 1.6
Instructions: The new Intranet site will be accessible through a central Web server that is maintained by the IT Department. Each store will have its own desktop computer primarily used by the manager located in the manager s office. Each computer will have an Internet connection. The Intranet is accessible by typing a Web address on the browser. Each manager is given a user name and a password to access the Intranet. You received feedback that more than half of your store managers are having problems in using the new system. Most of the complaints include finding resources (e.g., forms) to download, how to access and post messages to the discussion forum and how to send and receive email through the system. There is a number that all users can call to provide help on the phone for all IT related issues. These calls go straight to the IT Department. There is also an email address that users can use to send support issues online. The IT Department has a full-time support person responsible in handling support calls through and phone, and/or through email. This person is also responsible for handling all IT-related issues at corporate headquarters. Most of the problems can be resolved through the phone and/or via remote access. If the problem cannot be resolved through the phone (e.g., replacement of parts), the job is normally contracted to a local service provider. Helpdesk is already overwhelmed by requests for support for the new Intranet system. The backlog is now weeks in length for a majority of the requests. The IT Department is now desperate and wants to reduce helpdesk support calls and has asked you to come up with a training plan to help reduce the volume of support requests. Your task is to address implementation issues and problems as they arise Form a group of 2-3 people and come up with a solution on how to help reduce the volume of all helpdesk calls related to the new Intranet system. Deliverable “ include in portfolio Document your solution to reduce helpdesk calls related to the new Intranet system.

Task 1.7
Instructions: A new copy of the OH&S training resources recently developed by a training company you contracted for the work has been uploaded by the IT Department to be accessed by all stores to be used by the store managers for their own training needs. The training resources are made up of Microsoft Office documents using the latest MS Office software version and several audio and video files. You receive a call from one of the store managers complaining that his computer cannot open the Word files as he is still using the older version of the MS Office program. You forwarded the problem to helpdesk and IT is now working on the issue. Your task is to monitor integration and alignment with data and information systems Deliverable “ include in portfolio How are you going to make sure that these problems do not happen in the future? 250 words

Task 1.8
Instructions: You received an urgent phone call from a store manager based in a remote country town hundreds of miles from headquarters. He is complaining that the computer cannot play the video files for the OH&S Training. He is getting an error message saying particular software is required. He said that it is urgent that he gets a copy of the needed software since he is in the middle of induction training for all new staff members that are commencing work the next day. Your task is to manage contingencies such as system failure or technical difficulties by accessing technical specialist help as required Deliverable “ include in portfolio How are you going to resolve this issue? 250 words

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