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Assign Questions

1- Select from the literature an example of a neurological disorder which has been investigated by MRS. For example, stroke.
Briefly describe the pulse sequence used and the results obtained, in terms of spectral changes which may be characteristic for this disorder.
Comment on the contribution of MRS to diagnosis and treatment of the disorder, and its efficacy in routine application. (350 words) please include image that shows the metabolites peaks for this disorder(stroke)

2-What are the benefits of using circular or square spiral EPI methods? (150 words)

3-Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using segmentation in EPI. (300 words)

4-What is the difference between SMASH and SENSE reconstruction in parallel imaging? (300 words)

Instructions: question 1 related to magnetic resonance spectroscopy,MRS

Q 2, 3, 4 related to EPI ( echo planner imaging in MRI)

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