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Hello ..
You already did for me some of this paper but now we need further stuff .. The deadline is after tomorrow I need your help ..

The work is as follows

• Current competitive situation analysis: industry (ies), competitors, business-level strategy, corporate-level strategy, and competitive position.( Its almost done so I would say 1/2 a page)

comment ( You already did this part if you remember .. It under current situation but what I knew is that I have to break it down to the points mentioned above so please write more on that point and put them into points.)

A comprehensive and meaningful strategic discussion that ties together the aforementioned content and analysis sections.( 1.5 page)
my comment ( you already did a value chain analysis and I did the swot anaylsis .. so now please do a page discussion that discusses the two analysis we have )
I will send you the SWOT analysis later this evening ..

•Appendix B is a reflexive assessment of the team’s processes. Whatever the format chosen, it must demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the course material and the actual team dynamics experienced. This includes problems encountered, how problems were resolved, and how the team would improve its performance on future projects. ( 2 pages)

(you can come up with anything in this part as long as its believable .. we are a team that consist of 4 students so emphasis more on team work and as I said come up with anything.. )

Also please make sure they follow the following format as it is worth more than 30% of the Project

• Format components include: title page, executive summary, table of contents, introduction, content and analysis, conclusion, references.

• Proper: English language spelling, grammar, sentence structure, paragraph structure, headings, sections and a logical flow.

• Word processing: cover material (as present), 8.5” x 11” white paper, double-spaced text (appendices can be single-spaced), Times New Roman 12 font, full justification, 1” margins.

• Research sources: a minimum of 20 independent, high quality sources. Related to formatting and research standards, the company, the environment, strategic analysis, the recommended strategic adaptation, contract structure and team processes.

• Correct APA in-text citation and referencing

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