literature review and report on Google Case Study

Students are required to write a Literature Review and Report based on a management problem or issue, which they identify in a nominated case study.

Case Study – Google: one of Australia’s best places to work.

Having read the case study you will realise that the focus of this assignment is the issue of employee motivation and rewards. The Google case study provides one insight into how a company can successfully motivate its employees. However, this is a hotly contested topic and you’ll find many theories and practical approaches to the issue of how best to motivate staff. You must find at least five refereed journal articles that are relevant to this discussion. In order to find appropriate sources, students will engage in e-library and online searches for refereed journal articles, evaluate the standing of journals, identify the author’s argument and compare it with the arguments of other authors in their research. This is the Literature Review part of the assessment.

In writing their Literature Review and Report students must NOT use dot points. A recommended structure is:

1. Introduction (1-2 paragraphs)

This section should include the following components: a brief description of the research problem identified from the case, a rationale for investigating it, and a brief but clear statement of the argument to be developed in the Review (for example, a statement such as: ‘This paper will argue that, in order to achieve higher levels of motivation and performance from their staff, the company needs to redesign the way work is organised and performed. Research indicates that the Hackman and Oldman (1980) model provides the best overall outcomes’). The statement of argument becomes central to the development of your Review. It needs to be given some thought. A second paragraph may further explain the problem/potential problem by providing evidence from the case and supported by academic literature.

2. Literature Themes or Arguments (2-4 paragraphs)
In this section identify two arguments or themes in the research in relation to the identified problem. You will find, in all areas of research, at least two (and often more) perspectives or arguments on any issue. (For example, some researchers think extrinsic rewards such as money are the best way to motivate staff; others believe the key is intrinsic rewards associated with having interesting and fulfilling jobs). You need to evaluate these arguments critically and work out which is the best supported and has the most application to your case. For each argument (or theme), address the following questions:
* Which authors support or agree with a particular argument?
* What evidence do they use?
* Which authors disagree with this argument?
* What evidence do they use?

3. Conclusion and Recommendations (1 paragraph)
Summing up your problem, the different perspectives you find and the perspective that you feel is best supported by the research you considered. You also need to make recommendations that will solve the problem.

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