literature review about public transport custom essay

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Assessment Task Description Due Week Weight
Literature review based on group work topic, discussed from a
particular disciplinary perspective (1,000 word individual
assignment 40%)
Learning Objectives: Assessment Task 2
1. Demonstrate beginning level communication skills in technical written report, with openness to consider a diversity of
2. Develop generic academic skills – theoretical and practical and an appreciation of how theory and practice inform one
another, i.e. application of theory to ‘real’ situations.
3. Summarise issues identified in field work, for example, relating to representation, values, power and/or control
Use 8-10 sources in your writing
Compare 2-3 authors in one paragraph

In preparation for Assignment 3, groups of students (5 people per group) select one of the following topics as the focus for preparing a Community Case Study. Individual students then produce Assignment 2, a ‘Literature Review’ on this topic from the perspective of their chosen professional field, their ‘disciplinary perspective’, and in this case, with particular attention to the impact of early learning years. Topics from which your group can choose is:
• Public transport
There will be a selection of readings related to each of these topics on the Unit’s pages.
A literature review is used to determine what is already known and has previously been written on a topic. It will assist to identify key issues related to a particular topic, and any concepts or theories that help explain particular behaviours, phenomena or processes. In this instance the issue that you will explore is the one your group is investigating in Assignment 3 as the focus of your group field work.
Your Literature Review will include at least 3 additional sources to those supplied on the Unit’s pages – journal articles, text books, reports and web based materials – with information relevant to this issue and will:
1. Outline the topic/issue your group is investigating and explain the particular perspective that you are
considering; e.g. social policy, planning, tourism management, crime, social justice, development
2. Define any terms or key concepts
3. Identify what research in this area has already been undertaken on the topic and point out gaps in
4. Critically consider what debates exist and different points of view from within the particular disciplinary
5. Establish your point of view
6. Explain how this existing information will inform the work you are undertaking as a group. What if any
policies, guidelines or regulations might exist that affect everyday life and the work of people, and the
organisations within communities; and
7. How the information you have read (both from within Australia and overseas), helps to better understand
the topic/issue in the community context your group has chosen and what possible approaches are
suggested through your literature review in working toward a civil, harmonious and socially acceptable
future as it relates to the chosen topic?
It is not necessary to discuss the particular place (the specific town, suburb, locality or precinct) where your group is undertaking your investigation, although you may discuss the kind of place or context (city, suburban, peri‐urban, rural), and the categories of stakeholders who have a ‘stake’ in the topic/issue your group has chosen, e.g. graffiti as an issue for tourism might consider how it impacts on local residents, the local tourism businesses, local government and the visitor. The detail about the particular place your group is investigating will be part of the Group Report
(Assignment 3).

When you write your literature review about public transport i want you to focus on the 3 topics mentioned below :
Environmental factors
Cultural differences while using facilities
Comparing countries
Assessment Criteria
– Evidence of relevant independent academic research and reading from at least 6 sources
– Sound definition of the issue and each of the key terms and concepts
‐ Knowledge/research gaps are clearly identified with strong arguments.
‐ Understanding and demonstration of critical analysis of the materials reviewed.
‐ Link made between the information you have read and effective approaches to dealing with the issue in the ‘real’ world.
‐ Logical structure in which the content and argument have been properly developed. Good flow of the arguments.
‐ Well written & presented: proper sentence construction, grammar and spelling. Proper paragraph formatting – easy to read.
‐ Correct referencing (All sources acknowledged for both direct quotes/facts and ‘ideas’). Follow School Acad

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