Literary Essay Analysis


This essay is going to be a literary analysis of Toni Morrison’s “Beloved.” It will be a thesis-driven essay on the prompt provided below:

*Most memories in the novel are presented in incomplete flashbacks, the most notable example being the scene when Sethe kills her daughter. Explain the significance of this apparently partial memory. Also focus on the flashback when Sethe remembers how they stole her milk while her former husband Halle, witnesses the act but doesn’t say or do anything about it.

-Focus on the novel
-Use logic and evidence, evidence from the novel provided with page numbers.
-Slavery/Themes should be connected to novels with books like “Black No More” by George S. Schuyler, “The Marrow of Tradition” by Charles W. Chestnut and “Their Eyes were Watching God” by Zora Neale Hurston.

****In this essay there should be no sentences or sentence structures such as, “In this essay, or In this analysis, or This essay proves/depicts/shows…etc.” and the like. The essay should begin from the header in MLA format, with in text citations, citing specific passages/sentences or scenes with page numbers and in the works cited page. The essay should also be full 5 pages. Do not summarize the novel in the essay, using the scenes exampled in the writing prompt above will do the job. The writer of this novel shall have read the book or have a significant understanding of the novel. Summaries of the chapters and character list can be found on this webpage The writer is more than welcome to choose a chapter or chapters and I will digitalize those specific chapters and upload them for the writer. The book is about 329 pages, I cannot scan the entire book, however if I can mail the book to the company through the US postal service, I am capable of doing that as well. Do not accept this order if instructions and prompt cannot be strictly followed.

The book I have is ISBN 978-1-4000-3341-6

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