lipid analysis

By reviewing the literature critically appraise two methods of lipid analysis with a view to addressing the following questions in a properly constructed and referenced literature review.

1. What is the purpose of each analysis?
2. Why does the method (of analysis) work, or in other words what are the underlying principles/theory employed in or underpinning the analysis?
3. For what foods is it most suitable and why?
4. For each method, discuss issues related to accuracy?
5. For each method, discuss issues related to precision?
6. For each method, discuss issues related to safety?
7. Is it a method that is suitable for routine use in industry or more applicable to research (or both)? Give your reasons.


1. Your literature review should comprise an introduction, a middle (or body) and a conclusion and whilst addressing the areas in question should not do so prescriptively but in a manner that fits with the structure of the literature review. The organization of the material making up the literature review should be logical, should flow and should make sense.
2. Use the APA referencing style when citing references and compiling your bibliography.
3. 1375 word excluding the references .

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