Legal Research and Literacy Skills

Assessment Task
You are required to research one of following topics and provide a written report on your findings.
1. Civil partnership
2. Self-defence
3. Youth justice system
You will be expected to use the legal data bases as shown but can widen your research into other sources of information. The task will require gathering a range of materials but must include at least one example of a case, legislation and journal article.
You will need to decide on a focus for the report by identifying some key issues, supported by the relevant materials found.
The report must contain the following sections:-

Part 1. Methodology

Here, you will explain how you did the research, what you found and evaluate how reliable the materials are. (500 words)

Part 2.Report on your findings
This needs to include a brief summary of the topic together with the key issues identified and explained, linked to the research materials. (1,000)

The report must be fully text referenced using OSCOLA system with an accompanying bibliography.

In addition, for extra marks, you may submit evidence of completing the LexisLibrary or Westlaw Training Tutorial. This should be a copy of the certificate and include with it a short reflective statement of its value in developing your skills.

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