Leading Change for Patient and Service Improvement resistance and problem facing us during the integration of care pathway in female orthopaedic department in king fahd hospital in Medina

Explore what resistance might be experienced when unfreezing the existing situation and critically discuss how you plan to involve and empower key influencers both internally and externally to your organisation with the change.

Critical thinking points and exploration
Sources of information/evidence
Critical application tools and techniques to support:
Unfreezing current situation
Stakeholder analysis
Opportunities and constraints for you as a clinical leader within your organisation in contributing towards the quality and service improvement agenda through the change process (processes and techniques).
Useful to identify a critical incident relating to the functioning of their team and their role as clinical leader
Indentify the skills required to inspire people to make the change.

just to know that KFH is a non profit organisation follow the Saudi ministry of health policies and procedures also it is traditional authority organisation.

the head of the department Dr. almohammedi collaborate with us but because of the Structure and the strategic of the hospital

for example:

cons of disease management for key stakeholders

Health system:

May cost more
Takes time and commits start up resources
Upheaval while being introduced
May be difficult to win over staff
Difficult to change once established
Could be a passing fashion
Could introduce rigidities and block innovation


Threat to clinical freedom
Reduction in status
Under closer managerial supervision
Conflict of interest between demands of patient and protocol
Changes the dynamics of doctor-patient relationship and the trust underpinning it


Restriction of treatment
May perceive some treatment to be unnecessary
Increased responsibility and decisions which they would rather not shoulder


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