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dear sir,
this is the topic of Research Assignment:

The Fair Work Act 2009 established 3 key mechanisms that have a function in setting standards of employment in Australia. They are: the National Employment Standards, the modern award system and the national wage review.

How does this system differ from the system established under the former Workplace Relations Act 1996 (as amended by the WorkChoices Act)?

In your view, does the standards setting system under the Fair Work Act 2009 or the standards setting system under the Workplace Relations act 1996 (post WorkChoices) provide a more effective and fair set of employment standards? Please explain why.

the Assessment criteria is about :
1- Communication · Correct syntax, grammar and spelling.
2- Clarity of thought and expression
knowledge of the law
3- Answer reflects a good knowledge of the relevant legislation and relevant
4- Analytical skills
(legal problem solving
5- Ability to determine the legally relevant or “material” facts and the applicable
legal rules: eg what are the elements of an action
6- Ability to identify the particular legal issues raised by the relevant facts, i.e.
the questions in dispute.
7 – Distinguishing where appropriate between different facts and different rules
of law
8- Applying the law to the relevant facts (do the facts fit the legal rules?)
· Reaching a conclusion and expressing it (“In my view….” “I consider, on
the basis of the facts provided, that….”). If the legislation is open to more
than one interpretation your task is to say so and to decide which one should
be considered of greater weight and to state why. Advice must be provided
on the courses of action open to the complainant, and the implications of
taking such action, eg the costs associated with such action – what if the
matter is not conciliated successfully?

* plz try to find the astralian refernces.
if just need some more informantion just contact my with the email.

many thanks

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