Labour Market Report – quarterly (Statistical Report on Labour Market Report

Labour Market Report – quarterly (Statistical Report on Labour Market Report – quarterly
Statistical Report on August Quarterly Labour Market
6291.0.55.003 – Labour Force, Australia, Detailed, Quarterly, August 2012: due for release 6 September 2012
This is the quarterly series – allows more of a focus on longer term trends

see attachement for marking guide for the report

ABS releasing the data on 13/9 rather than 6/9 as originally advised (by the ABS). Students can also use the ABS 6202.0 Labour Force monthly release for August released on 6/9. To convert that monthly series to quarterly, either take the months of Feb, May, Aug, Nov, or quarterly averages (jun, july,aug = aug quarter). As the 13/9 release gives industry data, you must discuss this.
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Economic Activity Report
Using the above topic “Labour Market Report – quarterly ” for this exercise.
The idea is a report which briefly summarises the key results, indicates what it says about the state of the economy, and what if any implications it has for policy (monetary policy) or markets (interest rates or exchange rate).
Do not define e.g. unemployment rate or GDP. The discussion you write is meant to indicate that you understand these measures.
The reports can be modelled on reports from business economists but needs to keep to the word limit and must acknowledge any sources for ideas (list of references is required). This is the one area which will make the reports different to actual reports – these are written within an hour of release of the data and hence do not have the benefit of seeing what others say.
While most business economists are good at their job, you should not presume that all that is said is 100% correct – you may well observe divergent interpretations of the data.

The reports are to include 1/2 figures which highlight to the reader what is happening and put it in some context. These figures or charts must be constructed by you using Excel or PowerPoint – do not copy from ABS or any other source. SO THE WRITER WILL HAVE TO MAKE FIGURES BY USING EXCEL

Format of Statistical Report
The written paper is to be in the form of a typed report and should include in-text referencing and a list of references.
A “Cover Sheet and Marking Guide” should be attached to the copy of the essay you submit to your tutor. A copy of Marking Guide rubric (see attachment) against which your essay will be evaluated can be used as a guide in preparing your essay.

Instructions on writing your Report
Length: 750 words word limit. Minimum is 600 words. This excludes diagrams and the reference list.

Title: Give short title only.

Introduction and Conclusion: Do not include an introduction as such (you start straight into saying what the data says). Similarly, no conclusion as such. Final points typically relate to implications for markets or policy.

Format: Reports should be one and one half spaced. Under no circumstances should a report be typed on both sides of a single page. Reports can include dot points but not excessive.
Figures: it is mandatory that you include one or two charts on the statistics you are reporting and (in some but not all cases) other related information/data. ed to refer to e.g. (Figure 1) in text). Make sure it is clear what the figure/graph is showing, i.e. axis, lines, etc well labelled. Ask yourself whether a third party would be able to read and understand it easily? The LIC’s charts can be referred to for guidance.

Research: students will be expected to demonstrate that they have done some research
Referencing and footnotes: While business economist reports do not, these reports, students are expected to acknowledge the sources of ideas and information used in submitted work. Indeed, failure to do so is plagiarism which, as discussed above, will be penalised. Providing adequate documentation is not only an indication of academic honesty, but also a courtesy enabling the marker to consult sources with ease. All direct quotations as well as sections paraphrased or summarised in your own words, should be referenced in the text. You do not need to cite a source for a very obvious fact in your report, i.e. ‘unemployment rose from 5 to 5.5%’. You should cite your sources using the Harvard System as the default, and include all cited sources in your reference list. Footnotes – used for added clarification on a point – should be used sparingly if at all.

A Reference List: is a standard requirement of all essays and should contain all references cited. Do not include material which is quoted in one of the references unless the quoted source was actually consulted by you. There are many acceptable referencing systems/styles but the default is the Harvard system:

Quotations: In general, all quotations should be enclosed with single inverted commas. As compared with the essay, long quotes are not permitted in the Report. The limit on short quotes is one, maximum of two. That is, you are generally expected to rewrite in your own words even where you are using and acknowledging the idea from another source.

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