Lab Report

Complete Lab Report
See Tutorials 1 and 2
Tutorial 1 “ instructions to participants
Method & Results (do not include these in the
submission), APA Formatting & referencing
See Tutorial 3 notes
This week!

*Note: By uploading your assignment via Turnitin, you are certifying that the work you submit is your own work except where correctly attributed to another source. Do not submit your assignment if it contains any work that is not your own. You will need to keep the e-mail that is sent to you after you have submitted your assignment as proof of submission. Please note that on the preview page, your assignment will be shown without formatting. Your assignment will still actually retain formatting and your tutor will be able to see your beautiful APA formatted assignment once they go to mark it. Once you have submitted your assignment you are able to go back and view your submission with the correct formatting.

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