Justification of Authentic Assessment

Justification Part 1
1. An educational justification for the authentic assessment strategy that has been developed. You will be required to use relevant and current literature to justify the validity, reliability and authenticity of the strategy. – It is important that you display a clear understanding of the terms validity, reliability, and authenticity and describe clearly how your assessment strategy contains these key characteristics.
Specific links need to be drawn between theory and how you have used this theory to inform the structure of your assessment strategy.

Justification part 2:
2. A response to the following:
Within your context you are to consider three (real or hypothetical) cases which would require you to cater for learner diversity. For each of the three cases you are to:
a) Identify the implications of the learner characteristics for how you will assess students..
b) Explain with specific reference to flexibility and fairness, the manner in which the implementation of the assessment instrument/strategy could be
modified to cater for the learner s specific needs in order to cater for the specific need identified.
c) The need for specific collaboration with relevant stakeholders and/or professional school support personnel (guidance officer, year level co-ordinator, learning support teacher, teacher aide, parent, local business…).
Flexibility and Fairness need to be clearly defined using references
Need to look at three cases of where you would need to be flexible to meet the needs of learners and explain how this flexibility would still be seen as fair to all students
Define collaboration and provide examples of collaboration that would enhance the assessment process associated with this unit of work

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