Journal Review

Please answer the questions below in relation to the journal article Integration of an Essential Services Package (ESP) in Child and Reproductive Health and Family Planning with a Micro-credit Program for Poor Women: Experience from a Pilot Project in Rural Bangladesh by Ruhul Amin, Maurice St. Pierre, Ashraf Ahmed and Runa Haq, published in World Development, 2001; 29(9): 1611-1621.

Please provide concise answers. The questions require understanding of issues and concepts covered in the readings of the MCH unit. You do not need to cite any references. The weighting for each question may or may not be indicated in the assignment. This weighting, if present, does not necessary reflect on the length of the answer required but its relative importance. Each answer can range from 100 to 300 words, depending on how you express yourself and on the nature of the question.

1. Explain why the infant mortality rates in both experimental and control groups (Table 1) declined during the period 1992-1996?

2. Given the high rates of immunization, the infant mortality rates are still unacceptably high. What do you think are the main causes of this high rate?

3. Will the Essential Services Package (ESP) have a significant impact on the infant and child mortality rates? Give reasons for your answer.

4. Comment on the nutritional component of the ESP- do you think it will have a significant impact on current high levels of child malnutrition?

5. The antenatal component of the ESP includes screening patients for high risk pregnancies and referring them. Comment on the effectiveness of this approach.

6. What, if any, components of Essential Obstetric Care are present in the ESP? What impact do you expect on the high maternal mortality rate as a result of ESP activities?

7. Comment on the long-term sustainability of using micro-credit loanees as ESP volunteers in the project.

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