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I have two parts of homework. One is journal. The book name is Writing Research Papers A Guide to the process(Seventh Edition). I will upload photos. The journal homework is in the photos. The journal exercises have total five exercises. The journal needs to include the following: 1-7, page 28-29. 1-8, page 107-108. 1-13, page 178. 1-7, page 227. 1-4, page 287. As long as all of the answers are completed thoroughly and accurately, you will receive the full points for this assignment. The another homework is work cited. Last week, I will upload some photos. There are 12 resources citation. My teacher said it’s all wrong. It should be a formal MLA citation. There are some citation formal information. WWW.EASYBIB.COM MLA Video Here is the link to the MLA video: There are 12 work cites on my final paper. Please rework it correctly. I also will upload final paper. My teacher told me different source has different citation. (Article, book, online resource, web, and so on.) Works Cited Agaya, Send and Shibuya, Ku. Senkaku Islands Question. Japan Press Weekly, 2010. Web. <> Bustelo, Pablo. China and the Geopolitics of Oil in the Asia Pacific Region. Elcano Royal Institute for International and Strategic Affairs, 2005. Beuke, Erick. China and the Sino-Japanese Relationship. The Conflict in the East China Sea and Introductory Study. Danish Institute for International Studies, 2011 CIA. China and Japan Military Statistics. The CIA World Fact Book, 2011 <> Drifte, Reinhard. Japanese-Chinese territorial disputes in the east China Sea-between military confrontation and economic cooperation. Asia research Center, 2008. Web. Accessed 25 Apr. 2011 < East_China_Sea_(LSERO).pdf > EAH. Chapter Ten: Geo-Political Conflict from the First Sino-Japanese War to the Washington Conference, 1894-1921. East Asia History, 2000. Web. Accessed 25 Apr. 2011 <> Guoxing, Ji. Maritime Jurisdiction in the three China Seas: Options for Equitable Settlement. Shanghai Institute for International Studies, 1999. <> Keyuan, Zou. "Maritime Conflict and Cooperation between China and Its Asian Neighbors." Havard Asia Quaterly (2010): 1-2. Lohmeyer, Martin. The Senkaku Island Dispute: Questions of Sovereignty and suggestions for Resolving the Dispute. University of Canterbury, 2008. Przystup, James. China-Japan Relationship: Trying to Get Beyond Yasukuni. Institute for National Strategic Studies & National Defense University. < ocume nt/751C5724-A595-49AA-8F3E-DE4A6D86766B/en/0501q- Japan_China.pdf > Ramos, Carlos. International Law’s Unhelpful Role in the Senkaku Islands. Princeton University 29.4 (2008): 903-946. < ky29U. Pa.J.Int’lL.903(2008).pdf> Wei, Steve. The Territorial Dispute over the Tiaoyu/Senkaku Islands: An Update. Ocean Development & International Law 36.1 (2005):45-61. Zhongoi, Pan. Sino-Japanese Dispute over the Senkaku. The Pending Controversy from the Chinese perspective. Journal of Chinese Political science 12.1 (2007): 1-22.

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