its several different tasks

Assignment 1 : Rebranding Task(Article about British airways)

The aim is to select a company that has had an issue that has affected its image in recent times; it could be a financial, environmental or health issue. Your task is to identify the issue and write a document of 600 words that outlines the companies new mission statement and plan for repairing its image. The language must be convincing, persuasive and the plan feasible. The statement is to be written in the first person and needs to address the concerns of all the stakeholders. It may also include an outline of how the company will rebrand in terms of logos or advertising; but this is not a compulsory part of the task. It depends on the company and the context and you will be the judge of whether that is necessary.

Word length: 600 words

Assignment 2: Poster & Assignment 3: Notes
You are required to design and create an academic poster which is to be supported by notes. The poster can be based on the company you selected for assignment 1, or alternatively, you can select another topic for the poster and this should be agreed with the tutor.

The poster should follow the format described in the materials on myCourse and include elements such as : aims, methodology, conclusions etc.
The idea is to lay the foundations of academic poster writing which can then be used for other similar presentations such as dissertations and business presentations.

The notes are to support the poster and can expand on points/issues shown in the poster. It is to substitute the actual verbal presentation that would occur during a live poster presentation; raising related points, describing methodology and concluding.

Word length: Poster ( equivalent of 400 words) Notes 600 words

Assignment 4: Reflection Task 1
This task is designed to introduce students to the process of reflection. You are required to reflect on the first 4 assignments; the study, the requirements, your time management, to consider what was successful and highlight challenges encountered so far. You are expected to also include conclusions or action points for future use – i.e. how you would do things differently in the future.

Word Length: 400 words

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