it’s an take home quiz that we have to answer the tree questions based on the chapter 2 and 3 form the book world of politics trend and transformation by charles w.kegley,jr and shannon l.blanton

Instructions: In one page to one and a half pages each address the following topics using the relevant information in chapters 2 and 3 of the textbook. Each topic is worth 2 points. Your paper is to be typed and double spaced (12 in font). The assignment is due Tuesday, January 31, and counts for the second quiz.
Topic #1
Summarize the causes of WWI and explain the extent to which they reflect the notion of global anarchy and the failure of balance of power.

Topic #2
Analyze the causes of WWII and explain the ways in which German irredentism and the Nazi ideology of Aryan supremacy exemplify social constructivism.

Topic #3
Explain the ways in which alliance-building and arms race made the Cold War decades an era of constant security dilemma in world politics.

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