It is short essay answers from Systems Engineering Principles and Practice book (second edition) by Alexander Kossiakoff.

The answer of each question should be less than one page – single spaced:
The first question (chapter 5):The Systems Engineering Management Plan (SEMP) includes a section on the systems engineering organization (i.e., integrated product teams). Briefly outline how SEMP would describe the attributes of an SE team, i.e., which attributes of the SE team would the SEMP identify and describe? (DO NOT Create a notional organization chart).
The second question (chapter 7):You are asked to perform an Analyses of Alternatives¬Ě for low-cost transportation of students from the Catholic University campus to a proposed off-campus housing site in Maryland that is several miles from the nearest Metro station, but close to major highways and next to a Baltimore- Washington MARC railroad station.. Describe how you would set up your analysis, what concepts you would explore and what criteria you would use to evaluate it. You may consider both new and existing forms of transportation. ( But please do not attempt to actually perform the analysis.).
The third question (chapter 10): Describe three different types of models and simulations, and give specific examples of how each type might be used during the advanced development phase?
The fourth question (chapter 10): Give three specific examples of system operational requirements that might be considered in the test planning and test analysis planning for a new aircraft, and describe several aspects of these tests and analyses that would have to be evaluated during the planning stages?

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