IT Infrastructure Management

Research Report

Length: 2000 Words

Submission method options

Hand delivery (option applies to Internal & Tutorial only [excl. Offshore/Dubbo Tutorial])
Alternative submission method


Task: You are required to research a given topic and prepare a 2000 words report .


1. The use of Mobile /Wireless Technology in today s global organizations

In all cases you need to do the following:

Investigate the use of the given technology within a given organisation
Show analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of implementing this technology
Give examples of at least 2 other areas/businesses using this technology and illustrate the success or otherwise of this technology
Discuss broadly the setup (capital) costs and the ongoing (operating) costs of implementing this technology
Provide alternative solutions and recommendations as appropriate
Discuss any issues specific of this technology to the organisation under study
Create a 10-slide PowerPoint presentation, summarising all the major points covered in your report, including references and sources.
This presentation must be to a standard that you could use if presenting your report findings to senior management.
Create a one page handout of accompanying notes, which would be distributed to those attending your presentation. Note this needs to be a specific summary of the key issues, NOT a reprint of the slides.
What you need to include for this assessment:

1. Your 2000 words report as per the above specifications

2. Your PowerPoint slides (screen shot) at the end of the report, in the same Word document.

3. Your handout page (300-400 words max)

4. Your Forum Postings (3-5 posts) as a screen shot to the end of the report.


This assessment item relates to the learning objectives listed for modules 1-3 in the Study Guide/Readings booklet. It develops skills in research and reporting on issues related to ICT infrastructure management.

Marking criteria

This assessment item will be marked according to the following criteria:
evidence of understanding of issues;
research and analysis (including use of quality resources);
scope and justification of arguments;
evidence of original thought;
interfacing of business and technical considerations; and
structure and professionalism in the presentation of both PowerPoint and report.


Any breach of the academic conduct requirements will result in a Fail grade and the University taking further action as deemed appropriate.
Any work not specifically created by you for this assessment task must be explicitly referenced. This includes: diagrams, internal company documents, study groups, other students’ work and documents you have previously created for another purpose.

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