issue in mangment accounting

writer should cover this topic very well cus i need an excellent mark plz
The topic may involve one of the following research issues. The introduction paragraph of the essay should be used to clearly indicate the exact research question that is being analysed. i have chose this topic

(a) Management accounting Innovation has been one of the core themes driving modern organisations.Your arguments and discussions needs to be embedded in theory (e.g. research journal papers, text book articles, providing evidence) and practice (e.g. relevant examples can be included). You have the option to refer the journal articles that you have studied and adopted in your weekly discussion.

Your ideas and explanations and suggestions need to be supported with published evidence that can provide the reader a clear understanding about the topic being studied. In developing your paper you may provide conclusive evidence that debates the issue/s in-depth, thus providing a clear understanding to the reader about your study.

Important note: Do not copy and paste phrases, lines, paragraphs straight from journal articles, research papers, text books, as this won’t be acceptable. An acceptable approach is to examine the evidence and explain your understanding in your words. Use of references and other resources are encouraged

•Clearly identifying the research question in a succinct manner through an introduction (2 marks);
•Outlining the content of the essay in the introduction and then maintaining consistency with that introduction (2 marks);
•Demonstrating research and communication skills of an academic nature (4 marks);
•Providing adequate relevant evidence to reach a sensible conclusion (6 marks);
•Reaching a sensible conclusion using the arguments presented in the essay (3 marks); and
•Presenting the essay free of spelling grammar and presentation errors, adopting APA style referencing

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