introduction to management assessment 2

Assignment Question
You are a department manager within a large Government organisation. You have five direct reports from team leaders of various sections within your department and 200 indirect reports. Your organisation has a very large and diverse customer base. Customer service is a key priority and the organisation has a very active complaints and compliments program. Being a Government organisation, the organisation is very well established and is very bureaucratic. Staffs operate under quite rigid policies, procedures and processes, as well as strict start and finish times. In addition, the organisation receives funding based on reports submitted. Excellence in timely and accurate data entry and record keeping is crucial, as is well trained staff who are specialised in their areas. Your staff base is primarily women with 50% Baby Boomers, 30% Generation X and 20% Generation Y, with many of the Baby Boomers employed for very long periods of time with the organisation. You have just completed an analysis of your department and you have submitted the report to the CEO. Some of the key areas you note are:

Generation Y staff are quite dissatisfied with working for the organisation and feel there are no career opportunities; staff are not friendly and the work is sometimes boring.
Generation X staff find it very difficult to balance their work and home life, and management appear unsympathetic to their needs.
Baby Boomers feel the Generation Y staff are very lazy and show no commitment to the organisation and have a poor work ethic. The Baby Boomers complain about picking up the slack, and that the younger staff seem to spend more time fiddling with their mobiles and on Facebook.
Most staff feel extremely stressed and overworked.
Most staff feel communication is poor and they would like more input into how work is undertaken; however Baby Boomers believe the procedures are there for a reason and nothing should change.
Data entry errors are high and record keeping (customer files, filing etc) are a poor standard.
Customer complaints are constant.
There is a medium attrition rate for Generation X and a high attrition rate for Generation Y.
Many staff in general appear apathetic and lack motivation.

The CEO has requested that you submit a report with an executive summary and recommendations on how you will lead and manage your department to resolve these problems; remembering that there is a moratorium on employing any additional staff.

Please ensure that you include a cover page clearly stating your name, student number, course name and assignment number.
You are expected to support your arguments by reading widely and applying theory and/or models from the literature.Please note: A minimum of ten (10) scholarly references are required for this assignment.the references must be updated and cannot older more than 5 years. and the references should be academic journals and books!!no website or newspaper


MGMT 11109 “ Introduction to Management
Assessment item 2 “ (30%)
You will receive a feedback sheet similar to that below with your marks and grade for Assessment item 2. Feedback comments will be noted on your assignment throughout the Word document.

Demonstrated Understanding of the problems within the organisation (10)
Identification and Application of Management theory and concepts to resolve the issues (10)
Research and Critical Analysis (5)
Spelling, Grammar and Executive Report Style format and word limit (5)

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