Introduction to communication in a digital age Custom Essay

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Assignment IV: Communication Analysis of “Catfish” Examining digital communication concepts in the documentary “Catfish” For this assignment, you will watch a documentary film (“Catfish”), and will need to write a critical appraisal response to a cultural, social, or legal issue raised by the film. Instructions: 1. You will need to view the documentary film “Catfish.” 2. You will write written responses to each question below using specific examples from the film. Details: Word count: 1100 words (+/- 10%) It is expected that you would inlcude one referrence for questions 1, 2, and 3. Questions: You must answer the four questions below. Your evaluation will be determined by how well you (1) explain the concept and (2) accurately apply the concept to an example from the film: 1. Question 1 Media Richness/Uses & Gratifications ~250 words o What aspects of EITHER Media Richness or Uses and Gratifications theory can be found in the film? (Choose just one of these concepts) o Explain the theory (what is it?), and apply the parts of the theory/model/framework to an aspect of the film so the reader can clearly understand the theory in practice. 2. Question 2 Relational Development Model ~250 words o What aspects of Social Penetration Theory can be found in the film? o Explain Social Penetration Theory (what is it?), and apply parts of the theory/model/framework to an aspect of the film so the reader can clearly understand the theory in practice. 3. Question 3 Hyperpersonal Perspective ~250 words o What aspects of the hyperpersonal perspective can be found in the film? o Explain the hyperpersonal perspective (what is it?), and apply parts of the theory/model/framework to an aspect of the film so the reader can clearly understand it in practice. 4. Question 4 Critical View ~300 words Provide a reflective response to the following two prompts. Be sure to respond to both the societal and the personal question. o On a societal level, should anything be done to prevent these kinds of online occurrences? (a) If so, what? (For example, is this criminal? Internet warnings? What kind? Do you think they will be effective?). – Or – (b) If not, why not? (So, what’s the answer?) Where does the burden of responsibility lie and what, if anything, can or should be done? o On a personal level, what issues does this film raise for you in regards to your use of social networking sites (SNS)? In response to the story in the film, discuss two implications for your personal use of social networking sites, particularly in regards to sharing personal information and/or communicating with others online. Final Hints & Self check Completeness Is your theory/construct/model explained and applied? Have you responded to each part of the questions? Clarity Can your answer be understood? Are your definitions clear and do your applications make sense? Accuracy Does your response accurately explain the concepts? Have you faithfully represented the main points? Have the arguments been organised appropriately? Application For the first three questions, have you provided clearly detailed and specific evidence from the film? Does the example you provide represent the concept you are explaining? Will the reader be more aware of the theory/concept/model as result of reading your application? For the final questions, is a critical assessment evident? Have you provided an argument for your societal position? Is your personal position clear and developed? Tips Be sure to use specific and direct evidence from the film. Loose applications will be difficult to illuminate your points. The first three questions must reference the film. The last question must articulate societal and personal positions about this SNS situation. Important Notice: The documentary/film, “Catfish”, will be emailed to you.

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