Introduce High tech product to NAFTA Market

You are the international manager of an Australia business that has just invented a revolutionary high technology product that can perform the same functions as existing products but costs only half as much to manufacture. Several patents protect the unique design of your product. Your CEO has asked you to formulate a recommendation for how to expand into NAFTA. Your options are to:
(a) export from Australia;
(b) license a NAFTA firm to manufacture and market the product in the NAFTA region.
(c) to set up a wholly owned subsidiary in the NAFTA region.

We chose USA for our topic of this assignment. It should be a High tech product. ” a smart phone or a laptop”

Please make sure you follow this structure:

1. Executive Summary
2. Table Of Contents
2.0 Introduction / introduce product, country + expand + rationale.
3. External forces analysis:
3,1 Political
3.2 Economic / business
3.3 Cultural
3.4 Social
3.5 Technological
4. Discussion on entry mode> Mention Advantages and dis advantages for each mode
4.1 Export from Australia, Adv/Dis Adv.
4.2 License USA firm to manufacture and market the product in the NAFTA. Adv/Dis Adv.
4.3 Set up a wholly owned subsidiary in the USA. Adv/Dis Adv.
5.0 Recommendation:
choose PEST entry mode. ” Solid justification for the recommendation in regard to the entry mode that was chosen and entering the USA is required”
6.0 Conclusion
7.0 Bibliography

Evaluate the pros and cons of each alternative and suggest a course of action to your CEO. Consider also the impact of the local environment of your host market.

The CEO wants to see a REPORT which is extremely well written and is backed up by wide and relevant research, both current and historical. Your report must incorporate the following:
An analysis (i.e. not just ‘what’, but ‘how’ and ‘why’) international entry mode and to a lesser extent the political, economic /business and cultural features of the USA and their impact on business practices.

A solid justification for the recommendation in regard to the merits of the entry mode and entering the country is required. This information should convince the CEO that you are a well-informed international business manager, whose services and ideas are extremely valuable.

Your report should be structured in a way which is consistent with the CEO’s requirements. In addition, you are required to consult a wide range (and large number) of academic and popular sources. These should include on-line and hard copy sources, such as: The Economist; Australian Financial Review; Business Review Weekly; as well as more theoretical journals such as the Journal of International Business Studies; Strategic Management Journal; Harvard Business Review; etc.

Typical sources can also come from the various reports of the following institutions: World trade Organisation (WTO); World Bank; International Monetary Fund (IMF); International Labour Organisation (ILO); World Health Organisation (WHO); Department Foreign Affairs and Trade Australia); Australian Business Foundations limited etc. DO NOT RELY SOLELY ON GOVERNMENT SOURCES, ESPECIALLY THOSE ON THE WORLD WIDE WEB. THESE USUALLY PAINT AN OVERLY POSITIVE PICTURE OF THE COUNTRY. Your report needs to be objective and not biased.

Words requirements: 2,500~3,000 words.

Marks are going to be allocated to the following areas:
Written Content: 20 marks
The clarity and succinctness of the executive summary
The depth of understanding relevant theories and concepts and ability to link these theories and concepts into practice.
Quality of analysis on each elements of the business report
The practicality, effectiveness and logic of your report
Integration and layout of the content.
Literature written skills
Format: 3 marks
Your submission should take the form of a business report and include an executive summary. You should attach any relevant appendices to the assignment.
Source material should be correctly identified and referenced. The APA of citing references must be used.
Presentation: 7 marks
Organization, quality and logical flow of the presentation
Clarity, Voice, Dressing, Postures, Eye contact and time management etc
Use and quality of visual aids
Handling Q &A

For the detailed marking criteria, please refer to the attached marking sheets in Appendix ii.

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