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1. Background

This assignment is to design a network based on the case study.

2. Scenario

This case study is derived from the following web link which will only be used for educational purposes…/prod_case_study0900aecd80220948.pdf


ePlus, Inc. (NASD NM: PLUS) is a leading provider of enterprise software and financial solutions for enterprise and midmarket customers, including cost management, supply chain management, and procurement management. Headquartered in Herndon, Virginia, the company maintains more than 30 locations across the United States and serves more than 2000 customers.

ePlus serves a wide variety of organizations in both the public and private sectors, including the Fortune 500, Healthcare, Federal Government, State and Local Government, K?12 and Higher Education, as well as many other vertical markets. With over a decade on the leading edge of enterprise software and financial solutions, ePlus has built a foundation of excellence through experience and acquired the vision and resources to deliver the right solution for every business objective.

ePlus expanded rapidly throughout the 1990s, primarily by acquiring other companies in new markets. While the strategy enabled rapid growth, it also created integration issues for the company culture and its technology and communications systems. ?We ended up having 35 offices with 35 different vendors? equipment, 35 different Internet providers and many different phone systems,? says Chris Fairbanks, principal network architect for ePlus. ?Maintenance and reliability were big problems and we found that our costs were out of control.?

Phone system costs were a particular challenge. Each new site had its own proprietary private branch exchange (PBX) phone system and ePlus had to use costly outside vendors for all maintenance and support. Keeping track of the vendors was an enormous job and a simple move, add, or change of an office phone could take days to complete. The cost of long-distance calls between offices was also substantial.

The complex, inefficient communications infrastructure was also affecting employee productivity. Software developers at offices around the country needed to collaborate closely to develop and deliver new solutions and updates, while account managers and sales staff needed to be in constant contact with each other. Without a centralized dial plan however, each time employees needed to reach someone they had to figure out where that employee was based, look up the 10-digit phone number on a company directory and hope that the information was current. Most importantly, as the company continued to expand, the inefficiencies of the network and communications infrastructure threatened to impede future growth and time to revenue.

?Time is money,? says Fairbanks. ?If it takes us six months to integrate a new acquisition, that?s lost time and revenue. We need to get any company we acquire in the loop and up to speed on our products and services as soon as possible. If they?re disconnected, if they don?t have the same phone system, or can?t access the same applications because the network can?t provide it, then we?re in trouble. We specialize in technology and if we can?t react quickly to market changes, our competitors are going to beat us.?


You are to design the network (create diagrams using the recommended drawing program, i.e. Visio, OPNET IT GURU, Boson,??,etc) please keep in mind that the budget has not been set as yet. The directors would like to see TWO PROPOSALS from MASTER STUDENTS; one could be considered as a low price proposal, and the other would be termed as the high end proposal. Both proposals need to be feasible.

When discussing the proposals please keep in mind the life-span of the network. Please Note: You will need to interview your class tutor who is also the client. An appropriate email or memo needs to be sent to the client / tutor asking for an interview appointment.


You need to submit a Design Report based on the above scenario. The report should contain the following major sections:

Analysis: The proposal should have an analysis section where you would analyse the current situation and the future requirements (as you see it) in your own words.

Proposal: this section should have a diagram with the proposed change, clearly showing the buildings, the cabling layout, the devices and their location. The diagram should be accompanied by a description of how it all comes together and works. A single diagram inside the main report body is needed.
Cabling: The proposals should clearly explain the type of cabling you plan to use, both for the connection of the two buildings together, and the connection setup inside the respective buildings. Make sure that you consider; media types, distances, numbers of switches, locations, network architectures involved, transmission speeds, cabling changes, and so forth.

Consider the following:

1. The reasoning for using this cabling
2. The advantages of using this type of cabling
3. The alternatives you investigated and why it wasn?t suitable.
4. What requirements you are meeting by using this cabling

Network Devices: The proposals should clearly explain the reasoning for choosing/selecting the network devices. You should clearly state inside the report where you would place the servers etc. The network devices include:

? Routers
? Switches
? Bridges
? Network Interface Cards

Consider the following:

? The reasoning for using these device(s)
? The alternatives you investigated and why they weren?t suitable.
? What requirements you are meeting by using these types of devices

Hardware costing: This should contain a summary of the hardware costs that this design would require the client to purchase. In particular costs for:

? Routers
? Switches
? Bridges
? Network Interface Cards

The prices of the above mentioned items can be acquired from the various retailers and stockists listed in the Thursday edition (Green Guide) of ?The Age? newspaper. You do not have to exclusively look for high-end devices. Alternately you can also research through the computer magazines, e.g.; PC Authority, PC User, APC, etc.

Appendices: Should contain the following sub sections;
1. Websites referenced ? URL with the time and date mentioned clearly
2. Books referenced ? Title, Publisher, Author, and year of publication with the ISBN number clearly stated
3. Any details pertaining to the understanding of the report, but not meant to be inside the main body of the report
4. Detailed diagrams displaying sections of the network
5. Glossary for explaining the technical terms / phrases / words


Assessment Components Maximum Marks Marks Obtained
Presentation (ToC, figures, references, the minutes and other appendices) 5
A clear project requirements description 5
Low price proposal (diagram) 10
High end proposal (diagram) 10
Analysis 10
Clear described Diagrams 15
Cabling 5
Network Devices 5
Hardware costing 10
Total Marks 75

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