Internet strategy development and implementation

List of the organisations:
a)Local Florist
b)Take away food stall
c)Local Sporting Club
d)Car component manufacturer

Your task is to:
-Briefly describe the company and the market in which it operates
-Provide a detailed description of the company’s current marketing strategies
-Describe and assess e-marketing opportunities in the context of resources and capabilities of the organisation (relevant micro and macro factors to be analysed)
-Develop an e-marketing strategy based on the SOSTAC model(figure 4.4 at page 211 of Chaffey’s text) and present viable recommendations for implementation

(Important aspects to be covered in this section include(wherever applicable): integration of marketing mix with e-CRM, leveraging customer informaion through technology, delivery of on-line customer experience, campaign planning for digital media, selection of digital mix, marketing communication using digital media channels, individualisation and interactivity matters, anticipated risks, budget, timeframes, measurement and evaluation of the Internet marketing programmes etc).

this is my last year unit, the submitted report should present clear evidence of a balanced mix of theory and practical applications. refer to both academic journals and relevant business magazines as an evidence to substantiate your illustrations, thoughts, and line of argument. Demonstrate strong evidence of independent reading beyond the prescribed text and display your highly developed analytical, evaluative, and applied skills.

The report should include a minimum of 15 references from academic journals, magazines, newspapers, relevant websites, and e-marketing texts to confirm the strength and quality of your work. You may also like to interview the manager(s) of your chosen small business to collect relevant information about the organisation and its off-line marketing activities.

Marks available:
1. Introduction of the company/organisation, analysis of the current marketing strategy, e-marketing opportunity uncovering based on macro-micro environmental analyses-40%

2. Development and implementation of the e-marketing strategy-50%

3. Overall presentation, professionalism, referencing-10%

Text book:

Chaffey, D., Ellis-Chadwick, F. & Mayer, R., Johnston, K., (2009). Internet marketing, strategy, implementation and practice (4th ed.). Prentice-Hall. ISBN 978-0-273-71740-9

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