International Tourism Management

This assignment is under the subject of International Tourism Management.

The requirement is:
You are required to complete a 2000-word essay.

Please answer one of the following questions:

1. Explain clearly the function and value of international business networks. Consider the value of knowledge transfer partnerships and how they may be of benefit to tourist destinations. You should also evaluate the usefulness of other types of tourism business networks.


2. The tourism industry must take responsive actions to lower its carbon footprint without compromising its ability to deliver the type of experience demanded by tourists. Taking into account state of the art options for the reduction of greenhouse gasses and the socio cultural and economic constraints placed on small and medium sized tourism businesses is this a realistic objective ?.

Your essay will be assessed in terms of its content, style and structure. You will also be assessed on the validity and clarity of any arguments put forward, on your use of up to date literature beyond your class notes and the use of correct grammatical and referencing conventions.

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