international marketing plan

this plan for export the product from Australia to china. the product is Bellamy’s milk powder. i need answer many points..
1/distribution strategy
1.1factors affecting channel decision: this include-customer characteristics, nature of product, nature of demand/ location and competition
1.2structure of the channel(e.g channel width, control, integration)
1.3screening and selecting intermediaries.
1.4managing logistics
1.5 E-commerce fordistribution decisions( if applicable)
2/ communication strategy
2.1communication objective: this include create a wareness and preference to buy Bellamy’s
2.2budgeting decision: all expenses should be contralated in .1million and cost of product and atter sale service and for egency face
2.3advertising: message decision: this include healthy
2.4advertising:media decisionthis include 10% of total revenue ,2* 10%=.02 and choice the TVmedia
2.5adertising: agency selection choice foriegin agency from China because easy to transfer to people then easy understand
2.6advertising: standardization vs. localization: chines actor

2.7sales promotion(e.g what major technique is chosen &why consumer’s acceptance to this technique
2.8PR and sponsorship: related future plan
2.9 direct marketing
can you use the (Hollensen, S (2010). Global marketing: A decision-oriented approach, 5th edn, Financial Times Press.the basic reference
also, can you read the profile which important to take complete Idea about this plan…
PR mean public relations

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