International Law and Ethics class

the paper should comprehensively answer all of these questions, using specific examples from class and from the “reading assigned to you throughout the course”(which i will send it to u in a file).You may also use external sources but I expect you to show your own voice and reasoning, not merely to repeat what is available elsewhere, and to primarily focus on the materials provided. Site all sources in a bilbliograpgy attached at the back of the paper (this does not count towards the 10 page requirement).
The paper should be 10 pages, Times Roman font size 12, 1.5 space with 1 inch margins on all sides. I am looking for the quality and content of the writing, the organization and how well you use the sources available to you (i.e. reference the material that has been provided to you through the course presentations and the assigned reading).
make sure to answer all the questions:
“Please explain the different types of company structures, including a brief description of each, and a comparison of how they differ. What is the advantage of one type of structure over another and what are the limitations? What are key aspects the prospective investors should keep in mind when establishing a legal entity and what are some risks related to the same? What are the internal structures they will need to put in place, what is the function of each of these and how do they relate to one another?”

the number of references is as much as u can but try as much from the file that i will send it to u and the book i reference, it should be from the file most of the references. and don’t forget to be accurate with the citation, the teacher is very accurate in these thing. plus the most importantly is to show my voice in this project.

note: if its possible we were suppose to read this book, so if you can site anything from it this will be better. the book is “Business Organization and Finance, Legal and Economic Principles, 11th (Concepts and Insights), by William A. Klein, John C. Coffee, Jr. and Frank Partnoy”

Note: plz if you didn’t understand anything or have any question plz ask.
am very accurate about my papers, and i will revise everything and ask you about it. and the most importantly don’t copy past from any where without mentioning that.
regards ^_^

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