International Finance

Your assignment is “The Ruritanian Project” Case Study (attached).

Please bear the following in mind:

ACTIVITY: This is an INDIVIDUAL ACTIVITY. You are welcome to discuss this Case Study with other people, but your final submission MUST be an individual piece of work. You are reminded of the University’s rules on Plagiarism.

LENGTH: The report should be a maximum of 2,500 words in length, not including Appendices and Reference Lists. Submissions which are more than 2,750 words will be penalised. If you have written less than 2,250 words, you might like to consider whether you have written a sufficiently complete report.

ACADEMIC SOURCES: The report should make full use of suitable Academic References.

ADDITIONAL MATERIAL: The report should make use of theory and appropriate indicative calculations where these help to expand or explain your discussion. Ther use of graphs, diagrams and other means to assist with the development of your discussion is encouraged.

CONCLUSIONS: You should include appropriate conclusions. These conclusions should be based on the discussion in the body of the text. Submissions that do not have appropriate conclusions will be penalised.

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