inside and outside

1. Nature : Architecture is to get inspiration from nature and making something that nature didn’t make.
2. Find balance between inside and outside
3. Architecture is to be able to separate the space

Word count: 600 “ 700 excluding bibliography and endnotes.
Font size (for body text): 11 point
Number of images: 6
References should be in accordance with the Harvard (UTS) Referencing Style.

The objectives of this assessment are to:
・ To introduce students to conceptions of architecture as defined and understood in different historical
periods and by different cultures;
・ To introduce students to the process of discussing, debating, and critically evaluating architecture
and related ideas;
・ To introduce students to the principles of academic research and writing.

Assessment Criteria
・ Evidence of thought, clarity of analysis and critical evaluation
・ Capacity to make interconnections between architecture and related fields
・ Capacity to interrelate a variety of textual sources and visual material
・ Clarity of written expression and quality of referencing, completeness of presentations.
・ Graphic quality and choice of images

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