infosys case study (presentation)

This is a presentation and I only have 10 minutes to speak I have done the slides and everything I just need you to write the things that I have to say, not too much just expand each points that I have included only the points that i did like Q and A in each point ,please get back to me if you need anything this is very important to me thank you

What do you think was the key event
in the organizational evolution of Infosys? What do you think the Infosys organization will look like in 2015?
my answer is:
System status mapping
Business process mapping
Workshop to capture business process
Identification sources of information
high-level process mapping and gap analysis
Training to core term client on specific models
Environmental installation
Education & Healthcare
Environment and energy
Economic inclusiveness & Ethical governance
Q 2.Can Infosys continue at this rate of growth in terms of sales and employees and still retain its founding values?
my answers are
Yes they can
If they keep their customer satisfied
Strong products
The leadership team continues to balance the vision with practical experience
They continue to have a well-conceived business plane
Strong product
Focussing on good people management

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