Information for business case study .

The requirement for this assessment is for each student to analyse NEWS LIMITED. Using relevant
data and business analytical methods highlight the changes and challenges that NEWS LIMITED
faces in the marketing and delivery of their products and services and the opportunities that may be
available over the next 5 years. The assignment should be presented as a written report and should
include recommendations or options for facing these challenges, supported by the analysis of
available information. There should also be an indication as to what further data or information may
be required to assist in making specific decisions, where this data or information is not readily
There is a great deal of information available in the public arena on NEWS LIMITED and students are
expected to undertake the necessary research to properly asses this company. In undertaking this
assignment a detailed analysis will be required using at least two business analysis methods. A part
of this assessment will be to identify what data is required and how to turn that data into useful
Students are expected to identify the range of products and services available and to appropriately
analyse the market or markets for these products and services. Careful consideration should be
given to any changes and challenges that may impact upon the various markets that the organisation
serves. Consideration should also be given to how these changes and challenges may be dealt with
and what opportunities and threats are faced in different markets. Where identified from the analysis
undertaken, recommendations or options should be outlined providing a possible course or courses of
action that could be taken to face changing markets over the next five years.
Marking Criteria and standards
A marking guide for this assessment task is provided on the following page.

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